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Trombone Maintenance Tips | 長號保養知識 - 香港長號教室HK Trombone Studio

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Part of being a good trombone player means knowing how to care for your trombone:

1. Carefully place the trombone in the case

2. Grease your slide if it is slow and empty your spit value

3. Wash the trombone mouthpiece and swab under warm water

4. Remove excessive oil and fingerprints of your trombone。 This will help keep the trombone dirt and dust fee

Held the water key and blow the moisture out of your trombone

5. Don’t store music, a towel, paper on top of your trombone in its case as they might push on it and bend it。

6. Bring your trombone to repair shop at least once a year and anytime you feel its not playing its best

7. Trombone should never be set down on a chair, the floor or anywhere else。 They should either be in the case in

the player’s hands, or on a trombone stand。